Lake Ming NJBA Race Report

Last weekend National Jet Boat Association‘s race at Lake Ming proved to be another successful one for Team Edelbrock Racing . Edelbrock equipped Jet Boats were on top of the podium in four classes. Willis Johns took the win in both the 7.00-7.99 index class…

Ming Mission Bay Race Results

RACE REPORTS: LUCAS OIL MISSION BAY BAYFAIR, SAN DIEGO CA.         Sept. 14,15,16, 2012 NJBA LAKE MING, BAKERSFIELD CA.                                    Sept. 22, 23, 2012 Lucas Oil Mission Bay Event Edelbrock Boats competing: Chris Starkweather: Edelbrock Race Team, Edelbrock Nitrous, QwikData 2 Jordan Woods: QwikData 2, 18 Deg….