TOP IT OFF With a FREE Edelbrock Carburetor! Edelbrock Is Offering a Free Performer or AVS2 Series Carburetor With the Purchase of Any New Total Power Package Top End Kit

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For a limited time, Edelbrock will be giving away a free Performer or the newest AVS2 Series carburetor with the purchase of a new Total Power Package Kit. Read on for more details.


For a limited time only, Edelbrock is offering a FREE Performer or AVS2 Series carburetor (up to a $350.00 value) with the purchase of any new Edelbrock Total Power Package Top End Kit.

It’s no secret that a matched set of components is key to achieving the best performance possible from any engine. For more than 30 years, the Edelbrock Total Power Package has been providing street performance enthusiasts with the perfectly matched set of top end components that totally eliminates the guesswork out of choosing the correct combination of parts. Each Total Power Package is a dyno-tested combination that includes the camshaft with lifters and pushrods, intake manifold, aluminum cylinder heads, timing chain, bolt kit, and gasket set. And many of these top end kits are the same ones used on the potent Edelbrock crate engines.

TOP IT OFF redemption form (right click and save it to your desktop, then print it out)

And now, when you purchase any new Total Power Package system between now and December 31, 2018, Edelbrock will top off that engine with your choice of a Performer or AVS2 carburetor for free! To qualify for the Top It Off free carb deal is easy; just follow these simple steps:

  • Purchase any new Edelbrock Total Power Package Top End Kit between 10/1/2018 and 12/31/2018
  • Print out the TOP IT OFF Redemption Form above
  • Fill out the form completely and return it to Edelbrock postmarked no later than January 31st, 2019

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