Introducing a proven new package for your 2010-14 Camaro. Last week here at Edelbrock we threw a slew of parts at one of our 2010 test Camaros. Already equipped with our E-Force Supercharger System #1598, the car was extremely impressive producing 519hp and 522ft-lbs of torque. So with that being said, the engineers at Edelbrock are always looking to improve.

With the stock LS3 bottom end and stock GM Cylinder Heads, we then added a set of Edelbrock Valve Springs #5768, Long Tube Headers, Edelbrock Cold Air Intake System #15988, ZL1 Fuel Pump, Edelbrock Fuel Injectors #15903, and Edelbrock Rollin’ Thunder Camshaft #2219.

The Rollin’ Thunder Camshaft Specs are as follows:

Intake Duration: 230 degrees

Exhaust Duration: 243 degrees

Intake Valve Lift: .631″

Exhaust Valve Lift .631″

Lobe Separation: 112 degrees

We ran the chassis dyno test at 6 psi of boost on 91 octane with the 3.5″ Supercharger Pulley, that comes with the #1598, and the results were phenominal. The E-Force Stage 2 Recipe for 2010-14 Camaro produced 618hp and 534 ft-lbs to the rear wheels! An increase of just about 100hp over our Stage 1 setup. If you’re looking to take your Camaro from the street to the track this recipe is for you. This package is for racing only purposes. At this time items sold separately and readily available to obtain this power!




  1. terry woods · March 5, 2014

    How can I build a 1965 350 to get the best gas mileage in a short bed 4×4 1979?

    • admin · March 5, 2014

      Definitely check out our E-Street EFI systems.