Anything But SLO

Check out the this video sent to us from the 2014 Cal Poly SLO Formula SAE race team. The race team consists of students from the engineering division at California Polytechnic State University at San Luis Obispo in California. Edelbrock supplied this team with Russell Performance Plumbing products to help get their car on the track. Here is their latest race report from Andrew Cunningham, the team lead.

“The first event takes place at Buttonwillow Raceway’s kart track and includes straight line acceleration runs and driver training. Next, we traveled to an autocross race with the Golden Gate Lotus Club near Monterey. For those of you that may not know, an autocross race consists of a course defined by traffic cones on a large tarmac. Participants race against the clock and have time added for any cones hit. At the Lotus Club event, we took second place in the morning and first place in the afternoon. If you are wondering, the car that beat us in the morning was a 33 horsepower, 200lb shifter kart. We look forward to more competition coming once finals are over and to summertime sponsor appreciation events.”

Good luck… we look forward to hearing more!