The Critical Truth about Proper Lubrication in High Performance Engines

Edelbrock Performance Lubricants – We make Choosing the Right Lubrication EZ 

 So you walk into your local parts store and see a wall of engine oils. You see the traditional brands that have been around for years. You see the synthetics. You see the additives. But your standing there scratching your head thinking, “what is the best oil for my engine?”. With Edelbrock Performance lubricants, we take the guesswork out of choosing the right oil for maximum performance and long engine life.

Quick lesson – Zinc dialkyl-dithios-phosphate (also known as ZDDP) is a chemical combination of phosphorus and zinc. Phosphorus seeks out high friction areas inside your motor, and carries the extra lubrication provided by the zinc to these high friction components. ZDDP was essential for proper wear-in of high-friction components, like flat tappet hydraulic camshafts. Well since most, if not all engines produced by new vehicle manufacturers are equipped with roller camshafts, your standard spec oils have been stripped of ZDDP – putting your performance engine at risk. Edelbrock Performance Lubricants puts the ZDDP back into the oil for proper lubrication of high performance engine components. With five products to meet the needs of todays’ hot rodder, Edelbrock makes it easy to select the right oil for your engine. 

Cam failure as a result of improper break-in lubrication. Don’t replace your cam twice.

 For Break-in: critical to any new motor, Edelbrock has two products to choose from to ensure you have the right additives essential for proper break-in lubrication.

 #1070Premium SAE 30 Zinc Enhanced break-in oil (1-qt) (Blue/Red bottle) $7.95/qt
Why choose #1070? Simply pour in the recommded amount for a worry free break-in.

#1074High Performance Zinc additive (treats up to 6-qts) $13.95/bottle
Why choose #1074? If you’re stubborn and stuck on a brand, simply pour in one bottle of zinc additive with your conventional oil to put the good stuff back in the oil.

For Classic Performance & Racing: The right oil for your street rod, muscle car, truck/jeep, or racecar, is avaialble in two premium products; a high performance 10w40 and high performance synthetic 10w40.
#1073 – Premium High Performance 10w40 zinc enhanced formula (Blue/Red bottle) $7.95/qt
Why choose #1073? At a slightly lower cost than it’s synthetic sibling, this oil is perfect for the casual hot rodder who will hit the road for 5,000 mile or less in a year.

 #1072 – High Performance Synthetic 10w40 zinc enhanced formula (Yellow/Red bottle) $9.95/qt
Why choose #1072? You can call it overkill, but the biggest advantage is service change intervals (7,500 miles +). The synthetic base stock is designed with high heat thermal resistance for long life and maximum anti-wear protection.

For Modern Performance Vehicles: Got a late model performance vehicle? Whether it’s a modern Muscle car like the Chevrolet Camaro or a high performance Import like the Nissan 370Z, Edelbrock 5w30  Cat-Safe formula is a great choice.

 #1071 – High Performance Synthetic with Cat-Safe formula (Green/Red bottle) $8.95/qt
Why choose #1071? This high performance Cat-Safe synthetic is engineered for today’s high performance vehicles. It protects your engine and your vehicles catalyst and oxygen sensors, ensuring the vehicle’s emissions and on-board diagnostics are not compromised by phosphorus additives.

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