Mod Jobs – Episode 1

ModJobs follows the modification of a 2012 Ford Mustang GT by a team of professionals in four different auto shops throughout Los Angeles. Each week, the series features a different video focusing on one aspect of the modification, and showing you how to do something like this yourself. In fact, the producers of ModJobs actively solicit the community to share input and determine what the car will look like at the end of the process. And once the car is in tip-top, cherry condition, eBay will have it listed on auction, with the proceeds going to help the Patriot Outreach organization.

Patriot Outreach supports military personnel, retirees, veterans, contractors and their families. The mission is twofold: to provide confidential access to effective resources for those people suffering as a result of traumatic experience while in the service of our nation, and to provide a forum whereby experienced professionals can share their expertise and experience.  eBay is pleased to provide exposure to this organization that supports our veterans.

If you visit the ModJobs page you will see this week’s episode of ModJobs, as well as links to past episodes. The first video introduces you to the team of well-known automotive experts who will work on the Mustang, as well as their first customization – kicking the horsepower up a notch by installing an Edelbrock E-force supercharger in the car.

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Check back on the edelblog for future updates or visit Mod Jobs!