Beauty’s Got Muscle

How many of you have an undeniable passion and love for your special vehicle? For us enthusiasts this has probably happened at least once. Pouring your heart, blood, sweat, and tears into your project is the ultimate emotional connection to your ride.

This story follows a young woman, Katie Poletti, through the build of her car dubbed “Ned Nova.” This car holds sentimental value that is second to none. With the help of S&P Classics, Amityville, NY, she completely transforms her Nova, gains family and friends, and learns priceless life lessons. Check out her story and what follows is truly a heart warming story, that for those of you who have a special attachment to your ride, will definitely hit close to home.


  1. Russ Tuttle · February 13, 2014

    Truly inspiring story and I dont think there are many that have more passion for their car. Working on cars to some degree my whole life it is always good to see a female that has the talent and the interest to go after their passions regardless of what the field is.
    May Katie and Ned ride forever!

  2. Ron Rinehart · February 13, 2014

    I loved the story. The only thing better than a hot girl with a hot car is a girl that can work on her own car. The only thing is get a pair of safety glasses.

  3. mike · February 13, 2014

    Katie, you remind me so much of my daughter, Heather. Her NED was Bernadette, a 87 Camaro with a 6, she painted it, always wanted a V8, she lost her fight with this life leaving behind Bernie and a 20 month old son. She was EXACTLY like you… EXACTLY! No one around her understand, NO ONE! you do! very touching!