49 in 9… try 7

In 2009 and 2011 Dave Schaub drove his Edelbrock powered 1932 Ford Roadster through two countries and 49 continental United States.  Each trip was completed without a hitch.  This trip was important to us because Dave was able to complete both of these drives flawlessly utilizing an Edelbrock Crate Motor and Edelbrock Performance Lubricants and these were charity drives to fund the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford. These were not your everyday drives. These were very extreme drives; the first one covered 9,856 miles in 8 days. The most resent was in September of 2011 when Dave Schaub drove to 49 states in 7 days, 14 hours and 21 minutes.

Please take the time to watch the interview with Dave Schaub.

A little word from Dave and his views on Edelbrock Performance.

In 2009 and 2011 I did some extreme drives through 49 states to help raise money for the Ronald McDonald House at Stanford. Each time I drove my 1932 Ford Roadster, equipped with the Edelbrock Crate Motor.

I’ve logged over 52,000 miles on that motor. The motor still performs like it was new with great power and torque. Driving it hard each day for 18 to 20 hours a day really put the motor to the test. The Edelbrock Performance Lubricants were a big part of the success of the resent “49in7 Drivin’ for the Kids” event. Driving through 49 states in just 7 days, 14 hours and 21 minutes. Now that is a test!

Power that you can depend on… choose Edelbrock!

Dave Schaub    www.49in7.com