Thunder in the Channel

The National Jet Boat Association held its 4th round event at Lake Elsinore California on September 16-18, 2011. There were approximately 90 boats entered for this event, that race in a narrow channel on the east shore of the lake. This event features two Top Alcohol Hydro Boats making 230+ mph exhibition runs to help keep the crowd entertained. An estimated 2,500 people were in attendance Saturday for the qualifying rounds. Several boats running Edelbrock QwikData 2, Big Victor cylinder heads and Big Victor intake manifolds had a successful weekend. Please read below for event results.

Chris Sarkweather #418

Class: 8.0 Sec. Bracket

Finish: Winner

Edelbrock Product: Qwikdata and Nitrous.

Jordan Woods #017

Class: 8.0 Sec. Bracket

Finish: Runner Up

Class: S/E

Finish: 3rd out of 18 entries

Edelbrock Product: QwikData 2, Nitrous, Big Victor intake manifold, Big Victor cylinder heads

Joe Morgan #000

Class: 7.0 Sec. Bracket

Finish: Winner (Set a new class record)

Edelbrock Products: QwikData 2, Nitrous UBGJ Class Winner & MPH Record

John DiGiacinto #516

Class: BGJ Class

Finish: Winner (Set a new class ET/MPH record)

Class: UBGJ

Finish: Runner Up

Edelbrock Product: QwikData 2