OTC-Edelbrock Carburetor Challenge @ Del Mar Fair

If your out on the West Coast this weekend (Saturday June 18), come on out
to the Del Mar Fair at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in California. Watch local
high school students compete in teams of two against each other to win
thousands in scholarships to Ohio Technical College and the PowerSport

The OTC/Edelbrock Carburetor Challenge is a competition where local High
Schools compete by for scholarship money by tearing down a carburetor and
rebuilding it correctly in the shortest time. Extra time will be taken off
depending on how well the team does on their OTC-Edelbrock Carburetor tests.

There will be 5 heats of 4 teams in which the 4 fastest overall times will
go to the finals.  The top 3 teams will then win $5,000, $4,000 and $3,000
scholarships per team member for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, respectively.

The Edelbrock Trailer will also be on hand with all our latest performance

The heats are as follows:
HEAT 1: 11:00 AM
Fallbrook HS-Kevin Karnes: Jose Perez and Brandon Hampton
Bonita Vista HS-Ben Hazel: Travis Waller and Andrew Cuenca
Vista HS-Tim McCreary: Alan Reed and Marila Lish
Monte Vista HS-Mike Fleming: Joe Marlay and Gustavo Sanchez

HEAT 2: 12:00 PM
James Madison HS-Omar Sevilla: Francisco Rios and Joe Chancoy
Poway HS-Ken Faverty: William Golden and Jacob McKee
El Camino HS-Joshua Pianowski:Blake Marshall and Ransome Stoddard
Crawford HS-Carl Kingsbury:Joseph Torres and Natalie Mota

HEAT 3: 1:00 PM
Fallbrook HS-Kevin Karnes: Margaret Chung and Jesus Martin
Crawford HS-Carl Kingsbury:Andrew Blackshear and Mizraim Reyes
Monte Vista HS-Mike Fleming: Jeffrey Brito-Muniz and Johnathan Castro
El Camino HS- Joshua Pianowski: Angel Linares and Dustyn Hagerman

HEAT 4: 2:00 PM
Bonita Vista HS-Ben Hazel: David Estrada and Abel Gonzalez
Crawford HS-Carl Kingsbury: Jose Barrios and Roberto Mora
Vista HS-Tim McCreary: Payton Freeman and Fabian Ferrufino
Poway HS-Ken Faverty: Josh Ruskin and Nick Kornafel

HEAT 5: 3:00 PM
Bonita Vista HS-Ben Hazel: Tommy Hayes and Alex Haas
James Madison HS-Omar Sevilla: Joshua Dains and William Codaine
Vista HS-Tim McCreary: Britney Perkins and Taylor Dahl
El Camino HS-Joshua Pianowski: Arianna Hernandez and Andrew Asdel

FINALS: 4:00 PM (Top 4 fastest times including test scores will compete)


Come out and show your support!