Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge

Edelbrock is proud to be a sponsor and host the Division 7 leg of the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge at this years 6th Annual Rev’ved Up 4 Kids Charity Car Show. Edelbrock has been involved with the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge since its inception.

Hot Rodders of Tomorrow is an exciting Engine Building Challenge where high school automotive program teams compete against each other to see which team can tear down and rebuild a small-block Chevy engine correctly, in the shortest time possible.  Teams compete regionally for scholarships to participating Automotive Technical Colleges. Winning teams advance to the exciting National competition at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

This years Challenge is more exciting than ever. Word has just reached us that Ohio Technical College (OTC) and School of Automotive Machinists (SAM) have committed $530,000 each, bringing the scholarship pool to an amazing $1,060,000!

Here is the breakdown of the scholarships for each division from each college:

1st Place $5,000 each student
2nd Place $3,000 each student
3rd Place $2,000 each student
$1,000 will be awarded to each non-placing student.

Edelbrock is proud to continue supporting the future of our industry through the education of today’s youth and the wonderful program the Hot Rodders of Tomorrow have put together. Join us May 1, 2011 at the 6th Annual Rev’ved Up 4 Kids Car Show to see the action first hand. For more information on the program visit Hot Rodders of Tomorrow.

Information Courtesy of HROT/OTC/SAM