Edelbrock Hot Rod Power Tour – Newton, IA

Today we’re in Newton, IA – the host city for the start of the 2010 Hot Rod Power Tour.  This year’s Tour covers seven cities in seven days, from Newton, IA -to- Mobile, AL.  If you’re familiar with the Power Tour, you know it is an eclectic mix of cool cars, automotive industry companies, host cities and a community of friendly people with one commonality – we all love cars.

Not familiar with Hot Rod Power Tour?  Let me tell you what makes it so special…
It’s the idea of being in a new city every day. It’s the car show that takes shape throughout the day as participants funnel in from the 200-300 mile drive. It’s the local community coming out to see the car show – which is free to attend. It’s the camaraderie of friends made along the tour. It’s the smell of high octane fuel, the sound of loud exhausts and and the thumb of big camshafts. It’s the drive through middle America on long forgotten roads in this otherwise point-A-to-point-B get there as fast as you can world. It’s the drive through small towns where the local people turnout lining the streets in lawn chairs waiving American flags and begging for burnouts. It’s the feeling of knowing where you are going and enjoying every mile of the drive.

To sum it up, the Hot Rod Power Tour is a pilgrimage for Hot Rodders that forms a common bond through it’s seven city, seven day, “here today, gone tomorrow” tour of middle America.

POWER TOUR 2010 Schedule:
Monday, June 5: Newton, IA.
Sunday, June 6: Springfield, IL
Monday, June 7 : DuQuion, IL
Tuesday, June 8: Bowling Green, KY (Vic & Christi Edelbrock in attendance)
Wednesday, June 9: Chattanooga, TN (Vic Edelbrock in attendance)
Thursday, June 10: Birmingham, AL (Vic Edelbrock in attendance)
Friday, June 11: Mobile, AL (Vic Edelbrock in attendance)

Look for more Edelbrock Hot Rod Power Tour Updates.  If you’re in the area, stop by and see us at the big red Edelbrock trailer.