Joe Cram – NHRA Wally Winner

Edelbrock would like to congratulate Joe Cram for winning his first NHRA Wally award. We are extremely happy that the addition of our E-Force supercharger helped you achieve your 13 year running long dream come true. We wish you continued success in your racing career and we are glad you enjoy your E-Force supercharger.

“Wanted to Drop both of you guys an email on this. I’ve been trying to win a “Wally” for over 13 years to no luck.
For the past 4 years we have been running the same setup minus some boost lately to help make the car more consistent. This past weekend at the Houston NMRA “Unleashed” Event, A dream of mine has finally come true. We Won an NHRA Wally and did so with a very consistent car that ran like a CHAMP the entire event. While most others in the class are Supercharged as well, I had one advantage….I was the Lone Edelbrock Supercharged Car and Thanks to a Great Design on the inner cooler and Supercharger itself, I was able to get the car cooled off in half the time of the others allowing me to stay consistent and run the same 10.50’s over and over again all the way to the finals.

I don’t give this blower enough credit for this fact, but I have to tell you, That with less than 12 minutes between a couple rounds, I was able to leave the inner cooler pump running and pull the heat off the blower WITHOUT the use of external fans and show up for lane calls with a nice cool blower that was ready to make some power.

Thanks to all of you fine folks at Edelbrock for this, without great people us “everyday Joe’s” would be just that, but today….I am the proud owner of an NHRA Wally for the First time!!!!

Thanks Steve and Rob for the help over the past years, and I will continue to help promote this Awesome Supercharger design and power producing machine.”

– Joe Cram